Sean Perkin

As owner of Sean Perkin & Associates, Sean Perkin utilizes his design background to perform home improvements that improve each property’s values.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Sean Perkin was unable to get a job utilizing his Architecture degree due to the unstable economy. Therefore, he tried his hand at entrepreneurship by creating his own successful magazine called XSeSS Living. Bundled within each issue he included licensed music, a major innovation in the industry at the time. The magazine was distributed nationwide and led to additional opportunities in marketing, design, and branding for several developers and Fortune 1,000 companies. In 2002, he began working in the real estate business, first as a sales agent and then as a broker.

The market downturn six years later steered Sean Perkin towards a career in real estate investments. He started humbly with just one property but it ultimately turned into dozens. Throughout Southern California, he and his knowledgeable team have added value to a number of single family homes using several ownership structures, including General Partnerships, Syndications, and LLCs.  When the company started, Sean Perkin & Associates focused on acquiring distressed properties that were acquired for between $100-$200 thousand dollars with a renovation budget of $15-$50,000 and a resale value of $250-$600 thousand. Today, the company acquires property ranging between $500,000 and $3.0 million with renovation budgets of $100 thousand to $1.0 million and a resale value of $1.5 to $3.5 million.

Sean Perkin primarily represents a very select and exclusive group of investors and property owners, however when the need arises will take on new accounts. New accounts typically involve property owners in distress and transactions that require quick closes, all cash and flexibility to accommodate property owners whose lives are in flux or turmoil.

When he is not overseeing his real estate portfolio, Sean Perkin enjoys checking off new travel destinations. He currently estimates that he has visited more than 30 countries. The scenery and architecture he has seen in Europe, Africa, Mexico, and Central America have even contributed to his success flipping properties by influencing his designs. He considers himself fortunate to be able to help his business by traveling the world. In his free time, he also enjoys spending quality time with his two dogs; a red nose Pit bull and a blue Chihuahua.

Learn more about Sean Perkin by reading his bio on Blogspot or visit his official website to read his real estate investing blog: http://seanperkin.com/blog/


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